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Philippine Initiative for the Conservation of Environment and the People, Inc.
How you can help

How you can donate 
Wie Sie spenden können (deutsch / German)
Join us and help / Werden Sie Mitglied oder freiwilliger Helfer(in)!

2013 / 2014: see our PanayCon page:
Help for Panay after Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan
Help is still needed
For European supporters: Account data for help after typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda
Für europäische Unterstützer: Kontodaten für Hilfe nach Taifun Haiyan / Yolanda

As a registered non profit organization, PhilinCon can do its work and strive to accomplish its objectives only through the contributions provided generously by individuals and public as will as private institutions worldwide.  To this end we are launching a new internet-based fundraising campaign  which should enable us to work for nature and local people.
Please accept again our sincere thanks for any support.

See below to access our donation form. To assist you in deciding on the amount of your contribution, the donation form includes summary information on the main projects we implement and the average cost of each project.  More detailed information can be found in our projects page.

Unless you specifically ask us not to publicize your name and/or contribution amount or level, we may cite such information in our periodic reports and/or the PhilinCon website as part of our practice to publicly acknowledge every donor’s generosity and help.
Child of Panay     
     In Mindanao, the disaster of December 2011, with almost 2000 people dead or missing after heavy flash floods caused by typhoon Sedong and hundred thousands more left homeless, is partly due to deforestation of watersheds as one consequence of overpopulation and lack of protective measures, causing the water to run down the mountain too fast without being retained by forest cover. With global climate change leading to an increase in storm frequency and severity, the need for protection of the last intact ecosystems providing also genetic resources for reforestation, like the Panay lowland rainforest, is evident. See for instance a report in the People&Planet website and an article in the Negros island newsletter SunStar about the role of  deforestation for flooding, land slides and other man-made Philippine disasters.

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.How you can donate
Please see our donations forms for details
... Please help!.


Donations in support of PhilinCon´s projects

Philippine Initiative for Conservation of Environment and the People, Inc.
Pandan, Antique, Philippines


For safety reasons we do not provide bank data here. 
Donations can be sent via Paypal (see below)
or as crossed cheques either to the Pandan office or to the New York address,
or you can contact us via e-mail.

Postal address labels for printing


Your choice of support: information about some of our projects
 (Our projects page, html format)


For our donors from the USA, the Philippines and other countries worldwide, with many thanks:

When kindly filling in and submitting our donations form sheet, you can
1) chose a project to be supported with your donation, and
2) provide us with your address for submission of a donations receipt if possible for your country

For donations from the USA and the Philippines, tax exemption receipts can be issued on request for donations of 50 $ or more. See form sheets for details. Small donations are welcome, just - please understand that we cannot send receipts for smaller amounts because the labour costs would exceed the benefit for nature

Donation form sheet, USA / Philippines / international
(PDF, 49 KB)

Donation form sheet for European supporters
(PDF, 44 KB)
For European donors, in English language.
We can only provide donations receipts for German tax payers

Data for bank transfer within Europe
(PDF, 59 KB)

Help for victims of typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda (November 2013)
Financial and other support for the affected people will be needed for months

Donation form sheet for Haiyan / Yolanda victims, USA / Philippines / international
(PDF, 16 KB)

For German donors: see below

Many thanks for your support!

Für unsere Sponsoren aus deutschsprachigen Ländern, mit herzlichem Dank
(for our German speaking donors)

Durch Ausfüllen und Einsenden unseres Spendenformblattes können Sie
1) ein Projekt wählen, das Sie mit Ihrer Spende unterstützen wollen, und
2) ermöglichen Sie es uns, durch Angabe Ihrer Adresse, Ihnen eineSpendenquittung zuzuschicken, sofern möglich
Spendenquittungen nur ausstellbar für deutsche Steuerzahler
und nur für Spenden ab 40 Euro.
Bitte haben Sie dafür Verständnis, daß wir für kleinere Spenden keine Quittungen schicken können, weil die Arbeitskosten den Nutzen für den Naturschutz übersteigen würden

Spendenformblatt für deutschsprachige Unterstützer
(PDF, 24 KB)

Data for bank transfer within Europe Daten für Überweisung innerhalb von Europa
For projekt support
(PDF, 59 KB)
Für Projekt-Unterstützung
(PDF, 59 KB)
Help für victims of typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda on Panay
Financial and other support for the affected people will be needed for months
(PDF, 59 KB)
Hilfe für Opfer von Taifun Haiyan / Yolanda auf Panay
Finanzielle und andere Hilfe für die betroffenen Menschen wird noch für Monate nötig sein
(PDF, 59 KB)
Many thanks for your support! Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Hilfe!
Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Hilfe!

Join us and help!
Application forms for membership and volunteer cooperation in
PhilinCon´s projects

For details see our contact page with information about our team and offices
and the pages about PhilinCons organisational structure and aims
Download our brochure

This part of the page is just in preparation, contents are still preliminary and may change.
Please look in again!

Membership / volunteer application form for Philippine members in English; Tagalog form sheet in preparation
Membership / volunteer application form for the USA
Antrag auf Mitgliedschaft / ehrenamtliche Mitarbeit für deutschsprachige Länder (German language)

Brochure with information how you can help as a member or volunteer: in preparation

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